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Head Office

Plot 1, Kololo Hill Drive,
Block A, Ground Floor,
P.O.Box 6109,
Kampala, Uganda
East Africa



+256 414 232010

Loans and Services

We provide wholesale lending services to partner institutions in East Africa.
SOLUTI has registered tremendous growth in its loan portfolio over the years from Ugx. 15.9 billion in 2010 to Ugx. 56.9 billion in 2019.

Institutional Business Loans

These are loans extended to partner institutions through direct capital injection of substantial loan amounts for working capital. These loans are aimed at enabling partner institutions to meet the funding needs of the enterprising poor.

Institutional Development Loans

These are loans extended to partner institutions to enable them finance and develop their institution’s capacity to deliver the required services. These include purchase of assets, system improvement / upgrades, Branch renovations, among other initiatives.

Institutional Housing Microfinance Loans

These are loans extended to partners for purposes of catalyzing lending operations to house building, improvements and addition of related accessories on the menu offered to their clients. Housing Microfinance Loans are provided by SOLUTI to support partners increase access to affordable housing finance by the target group.

Institutional Agriculture Loans

These are loans extended to partner institutions targeting smallholder farmers in the different value chains. This product is offered to partner institutions that can clearly demonstrate significant social-economic impact among smallholder farmers in the East Africa region.


Non-Financial Services

Capacity Building/Technical Assistance

SOLUTI’s Capacity Building Interventions or Technical Assistance is to build institutional capabilities to enable increase their outreach, growth and profitability in order to ensure increased sustainability. Capacity building support is complementary to loan facilities that SOLUTI will have provided to its partners. Capacity building activities are undertaken on cost- sharing basis with the partner. The specific support to a partner depends on the identified gaps or needs.