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Mrs. Clare Wavamunno

  • Director and Chairperson Social Performance Management Committee

She holds a post-graduate part MA in Investment Appraisal and Management from Harvard University, is a Chartered Secretary majoring in Administration and Finance from the London School of Accountancy, has the professional Micro Finance Training, (both parts 1 and 2), from the Economics Institute of the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA and has a BA in Economics and Rural Economy from Makerere University.   She also holds a certificate in Corporate Governance from the Centre for Corporate Governance in Kenya and has had training on Social Performance Management from CERISE.

She is a microfinance expert with local and international experience with particular emphasis on regulation, prudential norms supervision, transformation, and industry standard-setting. She has over 14 years of experience in development finance, bank supervision and project management in the Bank of Uganda and 7 years with FINCA International first as the Africa Region Finance Specialist then as Policy, Regulation, and Transformation Specialist and finally, full time as FINCA Uganda Transformation Manager. Here she spearheaded its transformation from an NGO into the first regulated microfinance institutions in Uganda and the first under a specific law in sub-Saharan Africa.


For the last 11 years, she has provided consultancy services as an associate and East African representative of AYANI Inclusive Financial Sector Consultants.

She served as President and co-founder of the Association of Microenterprise Finance Institutions of Uganda, (AMFIU) and a founder member of the Micro Finance Forum, the national forum of the microfinance industry where she initiated the lobby for the appropriate framework that affects microfinance institutions. Clare has also provided policy, supervision, transformation/legal advice to other countries in Africa, including Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Sierra Leone, and Southern Sudan. In Uganda, she has provided savings training course developments and initiated village-level savings and credit associations and related TOT Financial Literacy under the Bank of Uganda National Framework for strategic entities including the Catholic Church.

She is an ASHOKA Fellow in recognition for her pioneering work in integrated special education in Uganda, in setting up Hill Preparatory School as a demonstration model that provided empirical evidence for national policy acknowledgment. It has been in operation for 30 years.

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