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Mr. Andrew Sooka

  • Investment Analyst

He is a holder of a BSc. Agricultural Economics from Makerere University. He is Certified as a Microfinance Trainer of Trainer (MFTOT 9 -2013) by the Tokyo Development Learning Centre. Andrew is a Certified CERISE SPI 4 Auditor for the Sub-Saharan Region and has conducted Social Performance Audits in East and West Africa. He also holds a Certificate in Law and Regulation of Inclusive Finance from the University of Luxembourg.

He is certified in several other areas including: Ownership & Governance, Market Research and Product Development, Strategic / Business Planning & Financial Projections using Microfin,  Accounting for Microfinance,  Agricultural and Rural Finance, Housing Finance, Risk Management, Credit Management for MFIs, Financial Literacy, Social Performance Management as well as Competency Based Human Resource Management Frameworks.

 Andrew Sooka has over 20 years of practical working experience in rural / community development work with a micro-entrepreneurial focus. He has experience in financial services span retail banking as well as Microfinance (retail / wholesale lending, capacity building & technical assistance to MFIs).

 Before joining SOLUTI in October 2011, he served in several other roles – with Habitat for Humanity Uganda as Housing Microfinance Country Program Manager, Zonal Manager (Credit Supervisor) at the Microfinance Support Centre Limited, as  Credit Officer at both Centenary Bank and Faulu Uganda (now Opportunity Bank Uganda Limited) as well as a Projects Assistant (Agriculture) with the Industrial Promotion Services (IPS-Uganda) an affiliate of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development Fund (AKFED) an international Development Agency which promotes entrepreneurship and economically sound enterprises in the developing countries worldwide.

 He has also participated in the design and delivery of capacity building and technical assistance interventions with financial services providers.

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